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About “AIB”

The Company is established in 2018 and has been in a state of constant growth mainly due to the high degree of technical and professional skills of its staff combined with the customer satisfaction that goes way beyond the Initial Sales point and into the after Sales Services and Support.

AIB’s Vision is to Build and maintain relationships with all corporate & government accounts, support them thoroughly to win Client Confidence, Loyalty and Trust. This is to generate not only large-volume of business but to have a long term business.

We have established as systems Integrator and look to support in almost all the fields of Low Current Systems, Fire & Security Systems, Power Systems, Data Center preparation Etc.

We have a team of Factory trained Engineers and Technicians who have a vast experience on all the above stated Systems, and therefore could assist in Design, Supply, Testing & Commissioning, Programming & if required could support in Installations of the Systems.

We are specialized in the following:

Low Current Systems

We provide almost all types of Cable, and other Low Current Systems from the leading Suppliers worldwide

Fire Protection and Alarm Systems

Richly equipped with the thorough knowledge of the all the Systems, we provide support in the Field of Fire Protection and Detection System:

Security Systems

We provide well-known brands in the Market such as but not
limited to,

Power Systems

We have again the very best Brands in the Market and are as follows:

Data Center Preparation

AIB, is fully capable of preparing a new data Center and or modifying an Existing DC. In DC, we provide,

Maintenance Services

At AIB, we don’t just supply and install products, we also provide a broad range of supporting services to ensure that our customers receive the best possible after sales care.

With vast experience in business critical systems, investing in AIB’s maintenance division means that you can benefit from our advice, expertise and technical support whenever you need it.

Our team of experienced engineers and professionals have a wealth of knowledge in all systems and component parts. We offer quick diagnostics and identification of parts needed to fully optimise your system within limited time and with minimal disruption to your business.

We are truly optimistic and are looking to Support you in all the above systems and will prove our abilities at any given time. We therefore request you to call us and or email us whenever you require our support.

We remain at your service,

Best Regard…..

General Manager
Mobile: 0559099516
Email: vaseem.ullah@aib-est.com.sa
Email: vaseem222@yahoo.com


Communication Solutions

B3 Cable

B3 is a leading manufacturer of Copper & Optical Fiber used by the world’s Leading Technologies Companies.

B3 Copper & Optical Fiber Cables

Belden (USA)

Cable (Coaxial, F.O. Controls, etc…)

BELDEN is a leading manufacturer of Cables used by the world’s Leading Technologies Companies.

BELDEN Wires & Cables


Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry.

Prysmian Cables


The Siemon Company offers copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks, cable management, data center power and cooling systems

Low Current Systems

Sapling UK

(Master Clock System)

Sapling Inc. has been a pioneer in synchronized timekeeping systems for more than two decades. As an organization, they strive towards innovation and reliability.

Sapling Master Clock system

Simplex USA

(Master Clock System)

A time-tested and proven solution, Simplex wired clock systems continue to provide accurate timekeeping at thousands of locations worldwide. Simple, reliable, with highly cost-effective clock maintenance

(Tyco - USA)

LG Korea (MATV - IPTV System)

LG products offer innovative solutions to make life good. With intuitive, responsive controls, sleek, stylish designs, and ecofriendly features, our collection gives you the power to do more at home and on the go.

(IPTV System LG Korea)

Public Address Systems (SASO Approved Brands)

ITC is a famous commercial audio system, public address amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturer in China. Established in 1993 in Guangzhou city of China. Highest recognition of quality and service by Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Asia Olympic Games.


Power Systems

UPS System

G-Tec is an Uninterruptible Power Supply manufacturers company, It has twenty year experience in UPS and in power
supply distribution. G-Tec, besides being UPS producer, provide a high efficient technical support in pre-sales and post-sales, for all distributors and customers worldwide and an high ratio quality against price is guaranteed.

G-TEC Power

UPS System

EATON offers Extensive And Cost Effective Range of Small Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) designed to satisfy
All types of applications.


UPS System

Riello has the largest country operation in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, Riello has supported path-breaking projects in
innovation, healthcare and energy.

Riello UPS


ORTEA Electronics has been Manufacturing Regulators and
Transformers For Stabilization and Continuity of Electrical Energy.


Batteries (Lead Acid & Nickel Cad)

Amaron Batteries is one of the world’s Largest And Most Successful Battery Manufacturing groups, and can provide The Most Effective standby power Solution.

(India) )

Batteries (Lead Acid & Nickel Cad)

Sprinter batteries are designed for superior, high-rate performance in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications.



BRUNO Genset an Italian firm Specialized in Manufacturing High end Heavy Duty Generators for All Types Of Power Application


Fire Protection and Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

SIMPLEX has Led The Market for more than Two Decades. Known For Reliability and Flexibility, SIMPLEX Systems protect New
and Existing construction.

SIMPLEX Fire Alarm
(Simplex - USA)

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Edwards, Known For Reliability and
Flexibility, Systems protect New and Existing

EDWARDS Fire Alarm

FM-200 (R) / NOVECTM 1230 / CO2

FM-200 (R) is the clean, safe and environmentally friendly gaseous extinguishing agent internationally accepted and approved as the leading choice for the protection of people.

1230 is a Smart, Safe, Sustainable and Environment friendly Fire Extinguishing Agent, it is accepted by almost all Approval Authorities worldwide and is a first choice of people and
Major Clients in KSA,

CO2 doesn’t support combustion and it doesn’t form explosive mixtures with any substances. As Consequence, CO2 is very useful as a fireextinguishing agent.

All the above Fire Suppression Systems work with in combination with Fire Alarm System, we provide Simplex Fire Alarm System for this cause.

Water Sprinkler System

TYCO USA has innovative building technology solutions to even more customers globally across various end markets

Viking /Tyco have represented global leadership in fire protection. They lead the industry in quality and innovation because fire protection is all we do, and our single focus is to support and enhance the efforts of independent fire sprinkler contractors.

As Well as we have Local Brands also.

Fire protection
(Tyco/JCI - USA)

Fire Hose cabinets & Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire hose cabinets come in, recessed, semirecessed, surface mounted, and trim less varieties. Portable fire extinguishers are used on fires involving cooking media (fats, grease and oils) in
commercial kitchens.

Kitchen Hood System

Our kitchen hood system is simple, fast response and active system to protect your lives and properties.

Kitchen Hood System

Security System


“Ayrus” The Global Brand in Advanced surveillance and security solutions from USA. Our products serve a diverse set of vertical markets

Analog CCTV

A world Leader in the CCTV Surveillance Systems, and has Gained reputation For Dependability And Trouble Free Operation.

(Tyco - USA)

IP CCTV (Samsung Korea)

The Samsung (Hanwha) product Line Includes Network Video Recorders, High Resolution Analog IP And Megapixel CCTV Smart
Application Cost Effective Camera’s

CCTV/IPCCTV (HIK Vision, China)

Hangzhou HIK Vision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer and world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products based in Hangzhou, China.

Access Control System

Matrix access control limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms and physical IT assets. Logical access control limits connections to computer networks, system files and data.

Access Control System

KANTECH part of Tyco Group add control and security to your home or business, through its intelligent solutions in Access Control And Biometric Identification mechanism.

(Tyco - USA)

Data Center Preparation Solutions

RAISED Access Floor

LINDNER Raised Floor is used For Mechanical Services, IT and Communications in order that pipes/Cables Should be Installed, Serviced and Repaired.


Precision Air Conditioning

AIREDALE’S Close Control Range Is Designed for a wide range of application where high Precision AC is essential, such as Computer Processing Centers.


Liquid Leak Detection System

TTK Company was founded in France, in 1989. TTK develops manufactures and sells Digital Liquid Leak Detection Systems, based on a range of Digital Sensing Cables, digital Units and accessories. This is in order to ensure equipment’s safety under Raised Flooring from any liquid leakage

TTK Water Leak

Intelligent Monitoring System

AKCP Monitoring Solutions For Data Centers, Telecom Rooms and other Sensitive Locations offers Reliable And Intelligent multi sensing and detection Devices, for
better Control feasibility


False Ceiling and Gypsum Partitions

We also have a vast choice of designer ceiling tiles that can be used for providing acoustical insulation. The various types of
insulation we stock include those that do not need any dismantling of your current ceiling, but simply adding on, with minimal disruption. We also offer the regular ceiling tiles found in various locations like school buildings, studios, hospitals, labs, etc, offering the specifications your need for your business.

We also offer various partitioning solutions, with a choice of double glazing windows, different colored blinds and aluminum frames, as well as door frames and sliding doors for your company needs.

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